Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

We in the mid-Atlantic area do get snow most winters, sometimes more sometimes less sometimes not at all. Well, it's not even winter, according the calendar we still have one more day till Solstice and Winter begins, and yet we have our first Winter Storm. Snow is a mixed blessing, it brings hardships and challenges for a lot of people, and my heart goes out to all those suffering from cold, and shortages of all kinds brought about by this weather. But this storm simplified a very busy weekend for us by cancelling nearly every commitment we had, in an over booked near holiday weekend. We spent most the day yesterday watching the snow fall, baking cookies and making chili and just spending time together. Where ever you are, whatever your weather is, remember to take time to stop and enjoy something, and find a moment or a day or more to spend with those you love.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Curating a treasury

One of my favorite features of Etsy is the "Treasury." Treasuries are member curated collections, each one lasts 2-3 days and it is a serious challenge to get a spot in the treasury lists. The window of opportunity opens for 30-60 seconds when the number of treasuries drops below 333 for the Main Treasury or 222 for Treasury West. The number rise and fall a little unpredictably, and depending on the time of day the numbers start to get close to the "opening" there could be 700+ people waiting for that tiny window of opportunity. The process is a little addicting and always feels like you have won something when you manage to grab a spot on the list. All that said, I got one yesterday! I hope you enjoy looking at it.