Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The ever inspiring Alice

What is it about the adventures of Alice in Wonderland or Looking-glass land that has inspired so many people? I was given an assignment when in high school to write one more paragraphy to the Jabberwocky poem, and then to illustrate the poem. How many artists have undertaken the joy and challenge of illustrating the books? I will always see Tenniel's work as the quintessential illustrations but there have been many other beautiful interpretations. Painters, illustrators, sculptors, doll makers, jewelers, animators and live action filmmakers are among the many people who have take up the challenge of expressing their take on Alice's adventures.

I took my kids to see the newest Alice film yesterday, and we loved it. We were warned that it was dark and not like the original. Which made me wonder which "original" they were referring to. Many people who have grown up with the ever present Disney versions of so many stories only know that version, but not so with Alice's story. I loved this version because it did take it's own direction, the film makers were clearly inspired by the original story but let it grow into something different, something unique and darkly beautiful. I also enjoyed the SyFy channels even darker and looser version of Alice.

The ADO (Art Dolls Only) team on Etsy is launching an Alice challenge. Participants have to create something inspired by Wonderland. I am already working on a series of pincushions with a toadstool theme, and at least one will have a caterpillar on it, if I can figure out how to make a tiny hooka I might just have to include that. There are Alice and playing card doll ideas in the back of my head, and after watching the Tim Burton Alice I might have to make a Bandersnatch too. As I work on this project I will post my progress here.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Proud Mama moment

I just felt a need to share how proud a parent I am. After spending an evening watching & listening to my daughter's school drumline practice I get home to read an email from her band teacher. The email is short but sweet, the gist of it told me that she took 3rd place in the county science fair. And that was without her being able to do the interview part of the fair, as it was cancelled due to the last snow storm. If I am not mistaken she may be able to participate in the next step which will be in Philadelphia.