Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow snow snow, nothing but snow

After years with almost no snowfall in the midAtlantic region we have been hit with more snow then anyone here has seen in one season. The storm in December dumped a couple of feet on us, but this past week that December storm seems like a distant memory of a snow squall. My kids have been home all week and thanks to the previously scheduled Presidents day holiday they will have a break almost as long as Winter Break, unfortunately we've been snowed in and unable to do much out side the house/neighborhood. Unless shoveling snow counts.
I'm loving my neighbor Mr Meck, he came by our end of town and not only plowed our street, but plowed out nearly all of the buried cars on my end of the block.
What is it about extreme weather conditions that brings out the best in some people? Neighbors that have never even made eye contact with me were all out with shovels and helping each other (and me) dig out cars and sidewalks.

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  1. It is a time to come together and help out for sure ~ hope things are all cleaned up and Mother Nature leaves you guys alone for a bit!