Monday, August 2, 2010

A week of peace and beauty

My sister took my kids to the beach for a week, and my husband and I took off for a week of camping.  We spent a few days at the Beaver Pond campsite in New York, and a few days at Storrs Pond, in New Hampshire.

While the kids were enjoying the delights of amusement piers and the beach my husband and I spent days driving, walking, and sitting enjoying more peaceful enviornments and the staggering beauty mother nature provides. 

If only there were more moments available to stop and really appreciate nature.  Of course enjoying the outdoors is so much easier when the weather is nearly perfect - highs in the upper 70s and lows in the low 50s (farenheit). 

The deer around Beaver Pond are fearless adventurers (or trained that campers are frequently good sources of food) and came into the campground and wandered between campsites - usually first thing in the morning and sometimes at dinner time.  The red squirrels at Storrs Pond are brazen little so-in-sos and actually scampered right up to our picnic table - paused to look at us and then - if you please- onto the table and explored everything we had out.  We did not have any food actually out but that did not prevent him from exploring everything.

As usual I took my camera with me just about everywhere and spent a lot of time shooting pictures of treestumps and the dappled light through trees, and even a few shots of toadstools and of course the deer and squirrels.

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