Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun with needle felting

Like I need a new technique to get obsessed by...
A few weeks ago my doll club had a workshop on needle felting.  I've been using felting needles to attach hair to my dolls for years, but I've never really made an entire figure/creature with nothing but those barbed needles.  The gnome was the project we did in the workshop.  My friend Jenny teased me that I could not start small and simple but had to dive in and make a fully dressed figure on my first try.  I moved to smaller with the next try - the tiny little dragon in the center of the above picture.  After that little dragon I had to go buy some more wool so I could branch out.  I'm still working on mastering the technique, getting the armiture covered and still keep the bulk down is a problem for me.  But practicing is fun, so I guess I'll just keep going till I get it right.

1 comment:

  1. Already leaps and bounds S! Well done! The wee dragon is cute, but I can see how far you have come. The larger green stripey guy looks less fuzzy, more cohesive. Nice job.