Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's June already???

How did we get to June already?

I don't know about you but it's been a crazy spring around here. The weather has been insane - cold and wet and then suddenly hot & humid like August, now it's nearly perfect outside.

On the inside, inside of me that is, I am coping with an injured shoulder which has impaired me in unexpected ways. My sister, a regular sports enthusiast and athlete had very similar symptoms to mine which had me in a panic as my pain did not abate. She just has shoulder surgery and has her arm in a sling attached to her abdomen and it will stay there for 6-8 weeks - NO activity with that arm that would mean moving it from that position. In a state of near panic I finally caved in and went to an orthopedic doctor. I was relieved to find out I did not tear my labrum as my sister had, I just have bursitis. Unfortunately I still have pain and some limitations in the movement of my right arm (at least if I listen to the pain signals when I do move it), but no surgery required is a good thing. Now all I have to do is regularly do the physical therapy exercises and take the meds.

One of the unexpected limitations I discovered last night. I'm in the final stages of a new batch of earth spirit dolls! They are all sewn together and only need to be painted, given hair and totems/accessories. I was trying to stipple paint them yesterday only to discover that the rapid small movements of my hand to achieve the desired paint effect causes pain. Well, I pushed on until I’d finished the base coat of paint on 6 goblins and mercifully was forced to stop for a meal. They are still waiting for me in the studio, as are a dozen or more brownie/spirit dolls. I’m thinking about experimenting with some natural sponges to see if I get a similar effect.

While watching a Cirque du Soliel DVD the other day I was inspired to start a series of acrobat dolls. The aerial acrobatics with hoops and silks were mesmerizing and I can’t wait to start some new dolls using those props. I wonder where that will take me …

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