Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random thoughts

I bought a copy of Brian & Wendy Froud's The Heart of the Faerie Oracle when I was at Ren Con. I have never been much for Tarot or any form of "fortune telling/predicting" so it was mostly for the art that I made the purchase. Out of curiosity I have been pulling one card per day since then. They are undoubtedly beautiful so even if it were only for the chance to spend a little time each morning with the Froud's work I would still pull a card, but I have to confess that each card I have pulled has either pinpointed my current situation to a tee or given me something really important to think about for the day.

I started a Facebook Fan page recently. Facebook and I don't seem to get along well. I am not exaggerating when I say it took me over 6 hours to get my first picture to load successfully. I have had marginally better luck since then. But it is still making me nuts that I can have in excess of 4 dozen "upload failed" messages before I give up and try a different image. It does not seem to matter what size the image is, or if it's been edited or what I used to open the photo on my computer - facebook just does not want to work or play well with me or my computer. But I keep trying... if anyone would like to check out my fan page:

My kids are both in school bands, my daughter is in several. After years of limited success trying to volunteer at my kids schools high school music programs usually have a variety of jobs they need volunteers for. Over this past school year I have tried a lot of those "music booster" jobs, chaperoning, flag sewing, making things to sell at the booster table, equipment moving (a little), and what ever else I can do when it needs to be done. What is my reward for being helpful and involved? I've just been elected president of the music boosters. This should be interesting.


  1. Did you get a card that pertained to the Band situation? I continue to get cars that are so personal and so direct!

    I also ordered Caitlin Matthew's Aurthurian Tarot. Hard to find; thank you Amazon. Waiting to see who/what the "Justice " card is...

  2. Funny you ask, the morning I was to chaperone the Jazz band/day before chaperoning the Drumline I pulled one of the surprise cards with a group of fae. Some of which had human "siblings" in the bands. Actually several of the named cards have been very much "on point" to the band situation.