Friday, April 9, 2010

Stretching my wings

Shy people have challenges the more outgoing may just never understand. I have often pondered how much any one person can be good at. My current theory is that we all have a limit on our natural “gifts” and skills that come to us relatively easily. If you are a genius (in any one area) you may get short changed somewhere else – maybe in social skills or other life coping skills. How many movies are there out there that point out those stereotypes? The beautiful cheerleader types are often cast as academically challenged; the academically brilliant are often cast as being socially inept (nerds, geeks …). Having worked with many types of gifted people I have noticed that those movies are not always exaggerating those character types. Let’s face it if we did not see some truth in them we might not find them as real or as entertaining.

I would never call myself a genius or even gifted, but my skill most noticeable skill sets is in the creative end of the spectrum, not in the accounting/business administration end of things. I am also networking challenged, as an inherently shy person I find reaching out to people not already known to me to be a challenge that often make me extremely uncomfortable. My natural impulse is to avoid situations that would force me to reach out or to open me to exposure to strangers. I have noticed that when I have a task to do I am less uncomfortable and better able to take on those challenges.

So in a few minutes I will be heading out to Ren Con, I did not book a table for this event, I have opted to challenge myself and work on a different career building path. I have opted to volunteer at this event. My hope is to reach out and meet many of the people who organize these events, to watch how they interact and make connections that may expand my horizons if only in helping me face similar situations in the future.

It’s never too late to expand your horizons or to push yourself to learn new skills and open yourself to new experiences. What will you challenge yourself to do?

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