Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year = new posts

I rarely make New Year's resolutions, as like most people I struggle to keep them.  This year I am hoping to start off on the right foot and keep up with more regular posts to this blog.

Since my last post I have seen the winter concert season come and go, with an unnecessary amount of drama in getting the kids outfitted.  (I am one of the uniform co-chairs of the music boosters).  This year's crop of new band members are unusually small.  We had a lot of tuxedos in the 40-46" range and a lot of boys who need sizes in the low 30s and even some in the 28" range.  Due to new systems in the Delaware school systems POs take AGES to process, and despite starting 6 weeks before the concerts we finished all the concerts without any word that they POs for the new tuxedos had even passed the school district hurdles much less the state level.  That meant I had the "pleasure" of trying to temporarily resize a handful of pants from 35" waistbands so that they would stay on kids with a waist measurement under 30".  As we finished outfitting all the academic music groups (bands and choral ensembles) we got to start over with the marching band uniforms.  Why deal with marching bands in late December?  Because we were taking the WP Marching band to Walt Disney World over Winter Break!  I got to experience Disney World for the first time chaperoning 50some high school kids. 

While I was daunted by the idea of going to Disney World over Winter Break (most crowded time of year) with 72 people, it turned out to be a great experience!  While there were low points (16-18 hours sitting up in bus seats while we headed to and from Orlando, FL on the way back feeling distinctly UNwell, there were a lot of wonderful moments.  Many of the other chaperones had been to Disney several times and were generous with thier time, friendship and knowledge of the parks.  When not actively chaperoning our specific charges many of the regular music boosters who were chaperoning stuck together and made sure I got the most from my first trip to Disney World.  Thank you to all of you! 

Now I am home and 2011 is underway.  I hope to list new items in my shop more regularly, to post to my blog more regularly and to complete all the planned and unfinished projects on my to do lists. 

Just a couple more pictures: me & my favorite Muppet (OK so Sweetums was not actually posing for pictures or signing autographs he's still my favorite so I posed with his picture.  And last but not least, some of the band moms and the new "Band Mom Bag."

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