Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Black Friday is here already!  How did it get here so soon?  It's been busy around here, tuxedos other uniforms given out and sized for my daughter's school concert and symphonic bands (as well as some of the choral groups) a major health crisis in my family (I still have many hospital visits in my immediate future, but with luck and faith and good health care all will be well soon.)  yesterday my daughter participated in the Tournament of Bands All Star Band in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade.  The family members that were well enough all gathered at my brother's house yesterday for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  And, so, that brings us to Black Friday.  The closest to shopping center's I got to today was visiting my bank to sort out my bank card - it was blocked due to someone getting/using it without my knowledge or permission.  But the bank was quiet and all will be well there.  I got some of my shopping done today - much of it on Etsy!  This weekend I have made shipping free on everything in my shop.  If you are one of my facebook friends or if you read my blog you can use this coupon code to get an additional 20% discount. FBBlackfriday2011

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