Thursday, November 17, 2011

Etsy, sooo many choices!

Just out of curiosity I did an open search on Etsy - under "all items" I did not put in any search terms and clicked Search.  As of the time I'm writing this there are 11,669,654 items listed for sale on Etsy.  Repeating the exercise for shops yielded 1250 pages of shops - 10 shops per page = 12,500 shops.

There are so many items, so many categories, so many shops to choose from there is truely something for everyone there.  If you are shopping it could be overwhelming to find just the right thing, but with patience and an open mind you could find just about anything you might want, at least in the Handmade, Vintage or Supplies categories.  The prices range from $.10 to $100,000 so every budget is accounted for. 

All that said, as a seller on Etsy it drives home the point that Etsy is easy to get lost in, and that it is really incumbant upon each seller to find their own market and let the people who would most appreciate your offerings know where you are.  This is the journey I am on, where are the people who would love my work and how do I find them.  FaerieCon is a good start, I'm also thinking of going to the MD FaerieFestival  I would love to the the PA FaerieFest but that will have to wait until my kids don't have their final band competitions on the same weekend.  I am happy to announce that 4 of my dolls and a feature article will appear in an upcoming issue of Art Doll Quarterly!

Who knows what else will follow.

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