Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break ... it's not all beaches and parties. Unless you count work parties. While my kids were on Spring Break we spent a day with my brother and sister helping my Mom clean up her back yard and the garden shed. My kids were troopers and did pretty much what ever they could and my sister, not a gardener, took on the shed. All was going smoothly till it was obvious that tools, garden furniture and gardening supplies were not the only things "living" in the shed. Mrs. Opossum was not any happier to have her nest torn apart then we were to find it or her. It was not until animal control arrived and caught her that we discovered she was a mommy. We all got a quick lesson on marsupials and got to hear her "vocalize" and see the squirmy grey skinned baby opossums she was still carrying around on her belly and in her pouch. Happily for all of us she is no longer in the shed (she's been relocated as opossums are no longer on the rabid list of animals to destroy) and Mom's garden looks much better.

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  1. they are scary but cute... im getting the chills!