Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Works in progress

I thought I'd share some of my doll making process with you. There are many ways of working on any artistic project. Some people always know what the end product will/should look like from the outset. Occasionally I have a notion where I'm going but in general I prefer to work with my materials and see where they take me. I have designed my own patterns and I have a growing stash of fabrics and part of the fun is to see how those two elements "speak" to each other.

At the moment I'm working towards completing a "Shakespeare Challenge" for the ArtDolls Only Team. I've chosen to work from "The Tempest" and I thought my Brownie dolls would be the best choices for Caliban. So, I pulled out those patterns sewed up a bunch of parts, turned, stuffed and closed them. Then I got to play, I love sitting with my pins and the dolls body parts and trying out different combinations until I find the ones that seem to really work together. Once I get them all sewn together as I've posed them then I will sit with my fabric paints, trims and accessories and see what happens next. But, I'm not there yet, so here are the pics so far...

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